Spring Farmhouse Decor Inspiration

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Hello beautiful people!

I hope this post is finding you well, healthy and happy. We’re only entering the fourth month of 2020 and it feels like so much crazy things has happened this year. That’s why for today’s blog post, I won’t be talking about COVID-19, social distancing, face masks, hand sanitisers or flattening the curve.

Instead, I’m here to spread a little positivity by sharing with you some spring decor inspiration that I have been loving for this spring! Hey, what’s a girl got to do but scroll obsessively through Pinterest when she’s stuck at home for a month, right?

Whenever I think of spring decor, I think of farmhouses. More specifically, farmhouses in Southern France. The open french windows, airy space, vintage shabby furnitures, neutrals and chalk whites with pops of fresh green foliage. Whilst I can’t personally be in Provence at the moment, I can transport myself there for awhile through these beautiful spring farmhouse decor. Without further ado, here are some of my favourite farmhouse decor for this spring!

Spring farmhouse kitchen.
Spring farmhouse kitchen.

Let’s start with my favourite space in the house: the kitchen.

The colour white is synonymous with farmhouse interiors but I absolutely love a soft injection of colour as shown HERE. As you can see from the pictures above, the colour scheme remains neutral and the subtle cool grey contrasts beautifully with the warm wood and gold brass accents. This is a perfect setting to introduce spring decor into the space by simply placing bouquets of spring flowers, green potted plants and a fresh bowl of spring produce.

Spring farmhouse kitchen with Easter.

We can’t possibly talk about spring decor without mentioning Easter. Or more specifically, the Easter bunny! Normally, I’m more drawn to neutrals and clean lines when it comes to decor, but even I squealed a little when I saw how cute this Easter bunny set up is HERE. I mean, a white rabbit water jug? Cute!

Spring farmhouse living room.

The living room shown HERE is what I imagine when I visualise farmhouse spring decor. I love the light and airy space created by the white walls and white furniture pieces. This combined with the warm wood, cheerful green plants and serene artwork on the walls create such a peaceful and convivial space to chill by yourself or with the fam.

Personally, I prefer sprigs of green such as eucalyptus and olive trees because they have a cooler tone of green and it’s perfect as a transition from winter to spring. As for flowers, I absolutely adore cherry blossoms even though they are not as easily available.

Spring farmhouse kitchen with kitchenware.
Spring farmhouse hall with vintage mirrors.

Another way to incorporate spring into the space is botanical artwork and/or illustrations that you can prop up on the shelves or hang on the walls as shown BELOW. I love hand-drawn artwork of various plants or vintage botanical prints.

Keeping in tone with the rest of the house, the bedroom is decorated with soft spreads of cream whites, earth tones and soft greens. The collection of small to medium framed botanical artwork on the wall as seen BELOW generate a vintage cottage vibe that I am loving for this spring!

Another farmhouse spring decor I’m loving for this season? Floral wallpaper! Since I would keep the walls in the other rooms quite neutral and minimalistic, it would be such a lovely juxtaposition to have full floral wallpapers in the bathrooms and/or powder rooms. To create a sense of balance and harmony with the rest of the house, I would keep the colours of the floral wallpaper quite neutral and monochromatic.

What do you think about my picks for spring decor? I hope this post gives you some sparks of inspiration for this spring because I do find myself feeling so much more uplifted when I think about how I can decorate my living space to co-ordinate with this spring. This gives me something to look forward to as the season warms up and since we’ll be spending a lot of time at our home, might as well create a tranquil space to live in.

Since we’re moving into a new home very soon, expect to see a lot more interior decor posts from me on this blog and hopefully it will give you some ideas when you decorate your own space as well. Thank you so much for spending time with me on this blog post and talk to you next time! Stay safe everyone!

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