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Why, hello there!

Yay, so excited to finally be able to share with you my mini collection of FREE SUMMER LIGHTROOM PRESETS!

If you’re new to this term, presets are basically a fixed set of settings on Lightroom that creates the exact vibe or mood that you want your photos to look like!

Yes, all this with ONE CLICK!

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“I’m not sure if I need presets.”

Said what’s on your mind? I understand. Let me help you to be sure.

These Lightroom presets will be greatly beneficial to you if…

√ You want to create beautiful pictures but you do not have the time to create them
√ You want to grow your social media and you understand that aesthetically-pleasing pictures are a must (Hello, Instagram!)
√ You are new to photo editing and/or Lightroom and you are not sure where to start

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Introducing The Summer Collection

This Free Summer Lightroom Presets Collection is largely influenced by my travels in the tropical countries of South East Asia. Think dreamy summer evenings, floating in the cool azure blue sea, and basking in the warm glow of the bewitching golden hour.

Free Lightroom Presets / Misty Eyes
Free Lightroom Presets / Sea-ing Blues
Free Lightroom Presets / The Golden Hour

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need Lightroom?
A: Yes, and at least Version 4 and higher. I only edit my pictures with Lightroom and frankly, I find it to be the best photo editing app for me. But don’t take my word for it, other photography gurus such as Peter McKinnon and Sorelle Amore all use Lightroom to work their magic touch!

You can view the different plans and their respective prices on the Adobe website here.

Q: Why are the presets free?
A: Quite simply, I struggled a lot in the beginning when I started out learning how to edit photos on Lightroom. I had to spend some time on tutorial videos, trials and error, and even spend some coin to develop my photo editing skills. This free collection of Lightroom presets are meant to help give you a jumpstart to a stunning feed/gallery that you’ve always wanted!

Q: How do I access the presets?
A: You only need to sign up with your email on this page, and I’ll deliver the entire preset collection to your inbox. One click to download, and voila! Instant summer magic!

Q: What if I accidentally lose my presets?
A: That’s the beauty of it—you can’t! Just go back to my email, and click again for instant download. The presets are here to stay!

Q: Can these presets work on both JPEG and RAW?
A: Absolutely. One click, and you’ll transform both JPEG and RAW instantly.

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“Woo, I’m convinced! What to do now?”

Yay! Now all you need to do is sign up for the presets and I’ll personally send the entire summer collection to your inbox. It’s that easy!

Important note: Your email address will be guarded with utmost care, and will never be given to an external party without your permission. You will, though, most likely be the first to get alerted of any free goodies that I will create in the future! Woo!

Importing the presets to your Lightroom software is incredibly easy, and I’ll guide you through step-by-step in the email along with your presets, so not to worry!

Please be advised that you must have Lightroom version 4 or higher, in order to benefit from the presets. You can click here if you wish to sign up for the Lightroom magic!

Get your free Lightroom presets now!

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