What to Pack in A Carry-on Luggage

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Summer holidays are fast approaching, you have been working on that bikini body and you have got that dream tropical destination booked and ready since Christmas last year (yay!). The last thing you need before you set off to a well-deserved summer vacation is to panic at the very last minute about what to pack in your carry-on luggage.

That’s why I’m here today.

After years of packing and unpacking from my travels around Europe and Asia, trust me when I say that developing an efficient and systematic packing system for your carry-on luggage is essential. Planning what to pack beforehand will give you a peace of mind before your travels and not to mention, being able to pack everything you need in a carry-on will save you quite a lot of money from needing to buy extra luggage.

If you’re interested in learning about my carry-on essentials for summer, plus tips and hacks on organising and packing, read on!

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The Carry-on Luggage

There are so many carry-on options that sometimes it can be a bit exhausting to decide on the right one for you. Should you get a carry-on bag or carry-on luggage? Which brand should you choose? Should you get a hard shell luggage or washable fabric luggage?

Personally, I prefer 4-wheeled carry-on luggages with hard shells. The reasons are:

  1. Easier to transport with the 4 wheels.
  2. Waterproof hard shells are easier to clean than fabric.
  3. Visually, it’s easier for me to section my luggage contents.

Here are some of my top picks for carry-on luggages!

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What to pack in your carry-on

Now let’s get to the packing part. For a carry-on, space is very limited so not only do you have to be cautious with the quantity of items, you have to really narrow the items down to necessities. Within these necessary items, I have grouped them into three categories: wardrobe, toiletries, and electronics and miscellaneous.


💡Mimi’s tip: Packing cubes! I always use packing cubes when I pack for my travels. These cubes are amazing at categorising and organising your clothes, shoes, and everything else. Aside from helping your luggage to look neat and organised, you don’t even need to unpack when you arrive at your destination. Just take out the cubes and put them in the wardrobe!

My top picks for packing cubes:

As for the summer wardrobe capsule, I opt for clothes that are light with a mix of colourful and classic. I normally do not pack much regardless of the season, since I always wash my clothes or buy what I need during my travels. For footwear and accessories, I chose practical, comfortable and versatile.

Summer carry-on / wardrobe capsule


💡Mimi’s tip: Hanging toiletry bags! My sister bought me my first hanging toiletry bag and I haven’t looked back since. It’s an amazing organising technique that keeps all your toiletries, hygiene products, makeup, and hair accessories in one single bag. Another bonus is that you won’t overpack on toiletries since there’s a limit to how much you can pack into a toiletry bag. In addition, similar to the packing cubes, you don’t even need to take out your toiletries. Just unfold the bag and hang it at the back of the bathroom door.

My top picks for hanging toiletry bags:

Summer carry-on / toiletries

Electronics & Misc.

💡Mimi’s tip: Electronics travel organiser! By now, you can probably guess that I love organising bags, but based on personal experience, travel organisers can really make a huge difference in your packing game. The last thing you need are entangled cables and fishing for your SD card at the bottom of your luggage. I really recommend getting an electronics travel bag to organise your cables, chargers, memory cards and small electronic items neatly.

My top picks for electronics travel organisers:

Summer carry-on / electronics and misc

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