A Guide to the Desserts At Taichung

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Attention all sweet-tooths! If you like desserts then this is the list for you.

When I was walking around Taichung, I saw so many dessert joints filled with people carrying brightly-coloured sugary treats. Now although I do not have a sweet-tooth, even I must admit that I was tempted to try out the desserts that Taichung has to offer.

So that brings us to today’s post. I went on a desserts tour around Taichung to share with you my top picks for the best desserts at Taichung!

Happy reading!

1. Chun Sui Tang (Original Store)

Those of you who have read my bubble tea guide or follow me on my instagram, you know that I have a bubble tea addiction. So it comes as no surprise that when I was researching for places to eat in Taichung, one of my to-do list was to try the bubble tea at Chun Sui Tang.

Although technically, this is not a dessert, but I have to recommend this place. If you’re thinking, “What’s so special about this place?” Well, my friend. This place is one of the two places in Taiwan that claims to be the original creator of bubble tea (the other one is in Tainan).

In the early 1980s, the founder, Liu Han-Chieh, first came up with the idea of serving Chinese tea cold after visiting Japan where he saw coffee served cold. He then experimented with sugar syrup, tapioca balls and other magical stuff and this gave birth to the classic bubble milk tea that I love today.

Taichung desserts / Chun Shui Tang

Verdict: 8/10. The tapioca balls were much smaller than the usual ones and I love them! The smaller size makes them so much chewier and the sugar level was just right.
Cost: NT$60 (small bubble milk tea)
Address: No. 30, Siwei Street, West District, Taichung City, 403

2. I’m Talato

Funny story: I actually put I’m Talato on my to-go list in Taichung but I completely forgot about it. One day, while I was just casually strolling around, I saw a bench made of a giant lump of ice cream cones and that’s when it hit me—I know this place!

Most people who visit this gelato joint, whether they want to admit it or not, simply come here to take a picture with the pool of ice cream. Not a real ice cream pool because that would be really sticky, but a cute props of strawberry and vanilla ice cream cones in a pool.

Admittedly I mostly came here for the ice cream pool as well, but I ended up really liking the desserts, more so than the ice cream pool photos. Since there was a minimum spend for each person, we ended up ordering a dessert each. I got the brownie with a scoop of Hokkaido cheese gelato and J ordered the roasted sweet potato with matcha gelato.

Taichung desserts / I'm Talato

Verdict: 7/10. I wasn’t a huge fan of the brownie dessert because it was a bit too sweet for me, although J really like it since he prefers his desserts mega sweet. I couldn’t really taste the cheese in the Hokkaido cheese gelato as well. As a matcha fan, the matcha gelato was my favourite part! I do think that it’s a bit pricey.
Total cost: NT$320 (NT$160 for each dessert)
Address: No. 451, Yingcai Road, West District, Taichung City, 403

3. Miyahara Ice Cream

Probably one of the most recommended dessert place in Taichung, and if you happen to walk by, you will see why.

When I was doing my research for Taichung, I thought, “Okay, this ice cream is really pretty but why is it so popular??” So I dug a little deeper and I found out that this beautiful red-bricked building actually houses a very interesting history that dates back to the Japanese colonial times. If you’re interested in the history of the iconic Miyahara building, then definitely check out this post where I share the history, architecture and beautiful visuals of this red dream!

Anyways, the dessert!

Prior to this, I planned for us to go on a weekday morning to avoid the crowds and boy, was I right. There was no line and the place was blissfully almost empty. When we went in, the staff gave us an English menu, which also has a Japanese side as well. So if you’re worried about this, have no fear!

I’ve decided to go for the 3 scoops + waffle biscuit + special toppings combo. If you’re not sure about what to order, definitely ask them to give you a taste test. In the end, I ordered this composition:

  • 3 scoops of ice cream: mango, green tea, grape
  • Cheese cake
  • Red bean cake
  • White tea cake

Apparently, I found out after this that only the special toppings choice comes with the butterfly biscuit on it so I’m glad we ordered that.

Taichung desserts / Miyahara

How pretty is this! I was a little sad to eat it but not eating it would be even sadder. So is the Miyahara ice cream worth the wait?

Verdict: 9.5/10. YES! I was happy to find out that it tasted exactly like how it looks: delicious, light and delightfully sweet. The ice cream is so well-presented, as desserts should be and the taste is up par with the appearance. I would advise you guys to be careful when you hold it, if you do get the 3 scoops because it can be really heavy. Also, eat fast!
Total cost: NT$300 for the entire hoopla. Really worth it.
Address: No. 20, Zhongshan Road, Central District, Taichung City, 400

4. Blue Box

It was really easy to spot this joint; when you turn into the alley, a bright spot of lavender and violet will pop out amongst the grey.

The whole place has a mermaid unicorn vibe which I really liked. At the very top floor, there is a little wadding pool out in the terrace. My favourite was the ground floor where they have these cute little white swings and seating areas that reminded me of the window arches in Morocco. For those of you thinking of taking your pictures here, they also provide little photo props everywhere!

For the ice cream, three themes: mermaid, unicorn, and Alice in Wonderland. We chose the mermaid and the unicorn. Since we came here for the ice cream, we only looked at the ice cream options. They also have a wide variety of drinks and other dessert items.

Taichung desserts / Blue Box

Verdict: 7/10. The ice cream flavour itself is nothing to woop about because it’s just regular vanilla. However, the decoration is super colourful and cute, which is what we came for!
Total cost: NT$150 each.
Address: No. 27, Xingmin Street, Central District, Taichung City, 400

5. Puff Ball

I’ve been to a lot of themed-restaurants but this is my first time visiting one with a tennis theme. The entire interior is dominated by whites and yellows, after a tennis ball. There are also small square lockers and tennis rackets as photo props.

Since their specialty is puffs, I stuck to them. I ordered the chocolate and milk puffs, and also sesame and matcha milk puffs! I can never stay away from anything matcha. They also have various tarts and drinks which looked so tempting.

Taichung desserts / Puffball

Verdict: 8/10. The puffs were actually better than I thought! My favourite were the matcha and sesame tarts.
Total cost: NT$25 for the chocolate and milk puffs, NT$35 for the matcha and sesame milk puffs
Address:  No. 60, Jingming 1st Street, West District, Taichung City, 403

So if you’re ever in Taichung and you want to try out some awesome desserts, definitely visit these places to get your sweet-tooth fill. Just don’t do it all at once!

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Taichung desserts / Pinterest Graphic
Taichung desserts / Pinterest Graphic


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